The Essential Guide to 5 Best Corn Hole Bags to Buy on Amazon

Best Corn Hole Bags

In the game of cornhole, the quality of your bean bag can make or break your performance. Whether you're a casual player or a member of the American Cornhole League, investing in top-notch cornhole bags filled with premium materials can seriously upgrade your play.

Today, we're going to take you through the best corn hole bags that meet regulation size requirements, boast high-quality materials, and have been praised by both casual and professional cornhole players alike.

These top-notch bags and boards can significantly impact your cornhole game. And with an array of options available on Amazon, your ideal cornhole equipment is just a click away!

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Did you know that while the game of cornhole, or “tailgate toss,” “bean bag toss,” “baggo,” “corn toss,” and many other regional names, is wildly popular across the United States today, its origins are steeped in mystery?

One popular theory suggests that the game has roots dating back to 14th-century Germany, where it was supposedly created by a cabinet maker named Matthias Kuepermann. Legend has it that Kuepermann created the game after witnessing children toss rocks into a groundhog’s hole. Concerned about the safety of the children, he decided to recreate the game using sacks of corn and wooden boxes.

Whether this tale holds truth or not, cornhole has undoubtedly become a favorite American pastime, uniting people at tailgate parties, backyard barbecues, and even at professional cornhole tournaments.

A Detailed Buying Guide for Cornhole Bags

Cornhole is an increasingly popular game, perfect for backyard gatherings, tailgate parties, or professional leagues. Regardless of your level of play, choosing the right cornhole bags can significantly impact your game. This comprehensive buying guide will assist you in finding the perfect fit for your needs.

1. Materials and Filling

Cornhole bags can be filled with a variety of materials, but the two most common types are corn-filled and resin-filled.

Corn-Filled Bags: Traditional cornhole bags are filled with whole kernel corn. These bags have a unique feel and break in over time, giving them a characteristic “seasoned” feel that many players love.

Resin-Filled Bags: A modern take on cornhole bags, resin-filled bags are filled with plastic pellets. They're resistant to decay and weather, and they're generally more consistent in weight and feel compared to corn-filled bags.

2. Size and Weight

Regulation-size cornhole bags should measure 6″ by 6″ and weigh 14-16 ounces when filled. This ensures consistency in play, whether you're practicing for a tournament or just playing for fun.

3. Durability

A good cornhole bag should be able to withstand repeated throws and landings. High-quality stitching and durable fabric are key to prolonging the life of the bags. Weather-resistant bags, like the Play Platoon and SC Cornhole Games options, are great for outdoor play and are less likely to decay over time.

4. Color and Design

While color and design won't affect the performance of your cornhole bags, they can add an element of fun to your game. You may want to choose colors that align with your favorite sports team, or you might prefer a variety of colors to keep teams organized during play.

5. Professional Approval

For serious players and those looking to join official games or tournaments, it's important to choose bags that are approved by a professional organization like the American Cornhole League. The GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Sets are a great choice, as they're approved by the League.

In conclusion, your choice of cornhole bags depends on your level of play, personal preferences, and budget. By considering the factors in this buying guide, you'll be well-equipped to make the best decision for your cornhole gaming needs.

Our Top Picks for the Best Corn Hole Bags

GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag SetsPlay Platoon Weather Resistant Cornhole BagsSC Cornhole Games Weather Resistant Cornhole BagsVictory Tailgate NCAA Cornhole Game Bag SetTailgating Pros Cornhole Bags
Filled with ResinYesYesYesYesYes
American Cornhole League ApprovalYesNot SpecifiedYesNot SpecifiedNot Specified
Weather ResistanceNot SpecifiedYesYesNot SpecifiedNot Specified
Color OptionsMultipleMultipleFewerMultiple (with NCAA Logos)Multiple

1. GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Sets

First on our list of top-quality corn hole bags is the GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Sets. Famed for its regulation size and durability, it's a favorite among pro cornhole players.


  • It's filled with resin, ensuring consistency in weight and shape.
  • Approved by the American Cornhole League, a testament to its quality.


  • A tad pricier than other corn hole bags on the market.
  • Its professional-grade construction may be overwhelming for beginners.

The main benefit of this cornhole bag is its reliable consistency, thanks to being filled with resin. This feature ensures a steady, predictable throw, making it a valuable asset for any cornhole player. If you're looking to up your game, this top-notch bean bag might be the perfect fit.

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2. Play Platoon Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags

Another great set of cornhole bags filled with high-quality resin is the Play Platoon Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags. Ideal for both casual and professional cornhole players, these bags provide a high degree of durability and playability.


  • Its weather-resistant design makes it ideal for outdoor play.
  • Comes in multiple colors, allowing players to personalize their game.


  • Slightly heavier than other options, which could take some getting used to.
  • Might not be ideal for those who prefer lighter bags.

These bags' main selling point is their weather-resistant design. Regardless of the conditions – rain or shine – these bags are designed to stand the test of time. A great option for anyone looking to enjoy the game of cornhole outdoors.

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3. SC Cornhole Games Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags

SC Cornhole Games offers another excellent choice for the best corn hole bags. Their Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags are an Amazon favorite and perfect for any cornhole event.


  • Meets the American Cornhole League's regulation size and weight.
  • The weather-resistant material extends the bags' lifespan.


  • Some users reported the stitching coming loose after prolonged use.
  • Less color options compared to other brands.

The main benefit of these cornhole bags is their long lifespan, which is a result of their weather-resistant material and sturdy construction. If you want a reliable set of corn hole bags that will serve you well through countless games, the SC Cornhole Games Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags are well worth considering.

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4. Victory Tailgate NCAA Cornhole Game Bag Set

For the sports enthusiasts out there, the Victory Tailgate NCAA Cornhole Game Bag Set offers the perfect blend of performance and team pride.


  • Comes with your choice of NCAA team logos, letting you display your school spirit.
  • Each bag is filled with resin for consistent weight and feel.


  • The team logos may fade over time with regular use and exposure to elements.
  • Higher price point than some other options.

The primary benefit of these bags is their customized design options, featuring logos from a variety of NCAA teams. Show off your school pride while you dominate the game!

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5. Tailgating Pros Cornhole Bags

Tailgating Pros Cornhole Bags are another great option for both amateur and professional cornhole players.


  • Available in a multitude of color combinations for personal preference.
  • They're filled with resin, providing a reliable and predictable throw.


  • The bags may be too slick for some players' preference.
  • Durability may vary with heavy use.

The main benefit of these cornhole bags is the ability to choose from various colors, allowing for a more personalized game. Plus, they're regulation size and weight, making them suitable for both friendly games and more serious matches.

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Remember, the best corn hole bags are the ones that fit your unique style and level of play. Consider your preferences and how often you plan to use them when making your selection.

Here's a brief summary of each product:

  1. GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Sets: Ideal for serious players, these bags are approved by the American Cornhole League and filled with resin, ensuring consistently high-quality performance. The downside could be the professional-grade construction, which may be overwhelming for beginners.
  2. Play Platoon Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags: These bags stand out due to their weather-resistant design and wide range of colors, providing a personalized gaming experience. The primary downside is their slightly heavier weight, which may require some adjustment for new users.
  3. SC Cornhole Games Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags: Known for their longevity due to weather-resistant material and sturdy construction. The main downside is the limited color options compared to other brands.
  4. Victory Tailgate NCAA Cornhole Game Bag Set: The primary benefit is the team customization, allowing you to show off your school spirit. The logos may fade with time and exposure to the elements, and the price point is higher than some other options.
  5. Tailgating Pros Cornhole Bags: Offering a multitude of color combinations, these bags allow for a more personalized game. They're filled with resin for a reliable throw, but the durability may vary with heavy use, and some players may find them too slick.


When the sun is shining, the grill is sizzling, and the laughter of friends fills the air, there's no better addition to your outdoor fun than a lively game of cornhole. The clink of the bean bags against the board, the cheers (and groans) that follow each throw, and the friendly competition that ensues are all part of this beloved game's charm.

But as any seasoned cornhole player will tell you, not all cornhole bags are created equal. The right bean bags can be the difference between a perfect slide into the hole and a frustrating bounce-off. They can elevate a casual game into a thrilling match or prepare you for the big leagues of professional cornhole.

That's why we've created this guide, to help you sift through the myriad of options and find the cornhole bags that best fit your needs. Whether you gravitate towards the durability of the GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Sets, the weather-resistance of the Play Platoon Cornhole Bags, or the enduring lifespan of the SC Cornhole Games Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags, one thing is certain: the perfect bean bags for your game are out there.

So go ahead, explore these top picks, consider our buying guide, and take your next step into the wide, wonderful world of cornhole.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about cornhole bags:

What's the difference between corn-filled and resin-filled cornhole bags?

Corn-filled bags are traditional and give a seasoned feel over time. However, they may break down or become moldy if exposed to the elements. On the other hand, resin-filled bags are weather-resistant, more durable, and maintain a consistent weight and feel.

What is the regulation size for a cornhole bag?

According to the American Cornhole League, regulation size for a cornhole bag is 6″ by 6″, with a weight of 14-16 ounces when filled.

Why do I need weather-resistant cornhole bags?

Weather-resistant cornhole bags, such as the Play Platoon and SC Cornhole Games options, are particularly beneficial for outdoor play. They're resistant to moisture and decay, ensuring a longer lifespan for your bags.

Can I wash my cornhole bags?

This largely depends on the materials used in your bags. While some bags can be spot-cleaned or even machine-washed, others may not hold up well to washing. It's best to check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Why are some cornhole bags approved by the American Cornhole League and others are not?

Bags approved by the American Cornhole League meet specific standards in terms of size, weight, and materials. These bags are often used in official tournaments and by serious players aiming to maintain a consistent level of play.

Where can I buy quality cornhole bags?

Many places sell cornhole bags, including sports stores and online marketplaces. Amazon US, for instance, has a wide range of options, including the GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Sets, Play Platoon Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags, and SC Cornhole Games Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags.

We hope this FAQ section answers any questions you might have about selecting the best cornhole bags for your game.

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