5 Best Wheel Spacers to Buy in 2024: Ultimate Guide

best wheel spacers

Imagine driving your majestic Grand Cherokee, its powerful engine roaring while you navigate the winding roads. Yet, something feels amiss. Your vehicle's stance isn't as aggressive as you'd like, or maybe those larger wheels you've been eyeing don't quite fit. The solution? Wheel spacers.

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Wheel spacers are the unsung heroes of car customization. A small, unassuming piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, expertly crafted and precision-engineered, can make a world of difference to your vehicle's appearance and performance.

In this comprehensive buyer's guide, we're shining the spotlight on these powerful accessories. We're exploring the five best wheel spacers available on Amazon US. Each of these beauties boasts an easy installation process, a specific bolt pattern, and is made from robust grade aluminum.

From the SpacerX hub-centric wheel spacers, crafted with 6061-T6 aluminum for uncompromised strength, to the BoltPro wheel spacer kit with its impressive compatibility with larger wheels and a direct bolt pattern that guarantees an easy installation. And let's not forget the SuperBoost kit, which comes with 4140 chromoly wheel studs for added durability.

As you delve into this guide, remember this: high-quality wheel spacers are a small investment that pays big dividends. They're highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their vehicle's look and performance. So buckle up and let's dive into the fascinating world of wheel spacers!

Did you know that the concept of wheel spacers is rooted in the history of horse-drawn carriages? Blacksmiths would often create “spacers” for carriage wheels to improve their stability and performance on uneven terrain. Over time, this concept evolved, and today, we use modern, sophisticated wheel spacers to improve vehicle stance, stability, and accommodate larger wheels or brake systems.

Our Top Picks for the Best Wheel Spacers

Here is a comparison table of the mentioned wheel spacers:

ProductMaterialSpecial FeatureBolt PatternEase of InstallationCompatibility with Larger WheelsWheel Studs Material
SpacerX Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers6061-T6 AluminumHub AssemblyYesHighYes
SuperBoost Aircraft-Grade Wheel Spacer KitAircraft-Grade 6061-T6 AluminumHub-Centric DesignYesHigh4140 Chromoly
BoltPro Easy-Install Wheel SpacersT6 AluminumDirect Bolt PatternHighHighYes
AutoTech Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers6061-T6 AluminumHub-Centric DesignYesYes
ThrustMaster Grade Aluminum Wheel SpacersGrade Aluminum4140 Chromoly Wheel StudsYesHigh4140 Chromoly

Note: The “-” symbol indicates either unspecified or standard features for the corresponding product. The “Ease of Installation” and “Compatibility with Larger Wheels” columns are graded with “High” for standout features, while “-” indicates standard or unspecified features.

1. SpacerX Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers

SpacerX Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers

Made with 6061-T6 aluminum, the SpacerX wheel spacer kit boasts of high quality and durability. The robust aircraft-grade aluminum guarantees superior strength while being light in weight. One of the biggest selling points is the easy installation. This kit comes with a bolt pattern designed for a quick and hassle-free fitting process.


  • Superior quality 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Easy installation with a simple bolt pattern
  • Highly durable and light in weight


  • May require professional installation for inexperienced users

Main Benefit: Its hub assembly is crafted from high-grade aluminum, which ensures high performance and longevity.

Why We Recommend It: We highly recommend SpacerX due to its top-notch build and simple installation process. If you're looking for high quality and hassle-free setup, this could be one of the best wheel spacers for you.

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2. SuperBoost Aircraft-Grade Wheel Spacer Kit

SuperBoost presents its wheel spacer kit made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. What sets it apart is its larger wheels compatibility and its hub-centric design which guarantees a perfect fit for your vehicle.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum for robustness and durability
  • Larger wheels compatibility
  • Hub-centric design


  • May require additional lug nuts for certain wheel types

Main Benefit: SuperBoost kit comes with 4140 chromoly wheel studs, which are resistant to wear and tear, making them a reliable choice.

Why We Recommend It: The SuperBoost wheel spacer is highly recommended for its longevity, thanks to the 4140 chromoly wheel studs and compatibility with larger wheels.

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3. BoltPro Easy-Install Wheel Spacers

BoltPro offers an easy installation wheel spacer kit, featuring a direct bolt pattern for immediate fitment. Made from T6 aluminum, these spacers are high in quality and highly recommended for their impressive strength-to-weight ratio.


  • Made from high-grade T6 aluminum
  • Easy installation
  • Direct bolt pattern


  • May not be compatible with all bolt patterns

Main Benefit: The key feature is the ease of installation. This kit makes it possible to attach your new, larger wheels in record time, even for a novice.

Why We Recommend It: For those who prioritize quick installation without compromising quality, BoltPro's wheel spacers are among the best.

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4. AutoTech Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers

AutoTech Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers

AutoTech presents hub-centric wheel spacers that assure a perfect fit every time. They are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, ensuring longevity and dependability. This kit also includes a unique bolt pattern that guarantees a secure attachment.


  • Hub-centric design
  • Made from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Unique bolt pattern


  • Could be pricier than other options

Main Benefit: AutoTech's hub-centric design ensures the spacer fits perfectly onto the hub assembly, reducing vibrations and providing a smoother ride.

Why We Recommend It: AutoTech's hub-centric wheel spacers stand out for their high-quality construction and optimal fit. If you are looking for premium quality and performance, these wheel spacers might be your best bet.

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5. ThrustMaster Grade Aluminum Wheel Spacers

ThrustMaster Grade Aluminum Wheel Spacers

ThrustMaster provides a wheel spacer kit made from grade aluminum, with added durability from 4140 chromoly wheel studs. Its high-quality hub assembly and larger wheels compatibility make it a popular choice.


  • 4140 chromoly wheel studs for added durability
  • High-quality grade aluminum build
  • Compatibility with larger wheels


  • May require longer lug nuts for certain wheel types

Main Benefit: The inclusion of 4140 chromoly wheel studs significantly boosts durability, promising a long-lasting lifespan for your wheel spacers.

Why We Recommend It: ThrustMaster's wheel spacers are highly recommended for those looking for a long-lasting and durable solution to fit larger wheels on their vehicle.

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Whether you're searching for wheel spacers for your Grand Cherokee or any other vehicle, all the above options offer an array of benefits and high-quality construction. So, use this buyer's guide to find the best wheel spacers that meet your needs. Good luck, and happy driving!

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A Detailed Buying Guide for Wheel Spacers

When you're in the market for the best wheel spacers, there are several factors you need to consider. This guide will help you navigate your choices and make an informed decision.

1. Material

The material of the wheel spacers is a significant consideration because it determines the spacer's durability and strength. 6061-T6 aluminum and aircraft-grade aluminum are highly recommended due to their excellent strength-to-weight ratios. They are also corrosion-resistant, adding to the longevity of the spacers.

2. Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern of the wheel spacer must match the bolt pattern of your wheels and vehicle. This ensures a snug and secure fit. If the bolt pattern does not match, the wheel spacer may not fit, or worse, it could come loose while driving, posing a serious safety risk.

3. Installation

Look for wheel spacers that offer easy installation. Some spacers feature a direct bolt-on design, allowing you to install them with ease. However, if you're not comfortable installing them yourself, consider hiring a professional to ensure a safe and correct installation.

4. Compatibility with Larger Wheels

If you plan on upgrading to larger wheels, ensure the wheel spacers you choose are compatible. The last thing you want is to find out that your new, larger wheels do not fit with the spacers you've just bought.

5. Hub Assembly and Wheel Studs

A high-quality hub assembly and durable wheel studs are essential for the proper function and safety of your spacers. Look for spacers with 4140 chromoly wheel studs for added durability.

6. Hub-Centric vs. Lug-Centric

In the world of wheel spacers, you'll come across two common types: hub-centric wheel spacers and lug-centric wheel spacers. Hub-centric wheel spacers are typically preferred due to their ability to maintain the wheel centered on the vehicle's hub, providing a smoother ride and reducing vibrations.

7. Reviews and Recommendations

Last but not least, don't forget to check reviews and recommendations. They can give you an idea of the product’s quality and performance from people who have used it. It's always advisable to go for highly recommended products, as they are often trusted and proven by a larger community.

In conclusion, while shopping for the best wheel spacers, ensure to consider the material, bolt pattern, ease of installation, compatibility with larger wheels, quality of hub assembly and wheel studs, type of spacer, and of course, the reviews and recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are used to create necessary distance in the hub area. This can help improve your vehicle's stance, provide clearance for larger tires or brake kits, and potentially enhance handling.

Are wheel spacers safe?

Yes, wheel spacers are safe when installed properly and purchased from reputable manufacturers. They should match your wheel's bolt pattern and be made from high-quality materials, such as 6061-T6 aluminum or aircraft-grade aluminum.

Do I need to modify my vehicle to install wheel spacers?

In most cases, no significant modifications are necessary. Wheel spacers are designed for easy installation and usually bolt directly onto the wheel hub assembly. However, it's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's installation instructions or consult with a professional.

Can wheel spacers cause vibrations?

Poor-quality wheel spacers, incorrect installation, or non-hub-centric spacers can cause vibrations. To avoid this, always opt for high-quality, hub-centric wheel spacers and ensure they are properly installed.

Can I install wheel spacers on my Grand Cherokee?

Yes, you can install wheel spacers on your Grand Cherokee, or any other vehicle for that matter, as long as the spacers match the vehicle's bolt pattern and wheel size.

How do I know what size wheel spacers to get?

The size of the wheel spacer you need depends on the amount of clearance you need for your wheel, tire, or brake kit. Consult with a professional or use an online guide to accurately measure and calculate the size you need.

What is the function of 4140 chromoly wheel studs in wheel spacers?

4140 chromoly wheel studs are highly durable, wear-resistant, and can handle high torque. They contribute to the overall strength and longevity of the wheel spacer.

Are wheel spacers needed when installing larger wheels?

While not always necessary, wheel spacers can be beneficial when installing larger wheels. They provide additional clearance and can prevent rubbing issues between the wheel and the vehicle.

Remember, if you have any additional questions or need more detailed advice, it's always a good idea to consult with a professional or reach out to the wheel spacer manufacturer.

Conclusion: Enhance Your Drive with the Best Wheel Spacers

As we journey through the fascinating world of wheel spacers, one thing is clear: the difference between a good drive and a great drive often lies in the minute details. And while they may seem small and unassuming, wheel spacers play a pivotal role in transforming your vehicle's performance and aesthetics.

Whether you're a proud owner of a Grand Cherokee looking to fit larger wheels, or a performance enthusiast seeking that aggressive stance and improved handling, choosing the right wheel spacers is crucial. Opt for ones made from high-grade materials like 6061-T6 or aircraft-grade aluminum, with a bolt pattern that perfectly matches your hub assembly. And let's not forget about easy installation – because who doesn't like to save time and avoid headaches?

From the precise engineering of the SpacerX wheel spacers to the durability of SuperBoost's 4140 chromoly wheel studs, the choices we've presented offer a blend of quality, performance, and value. They stand as proof that in the world of auto enhancements, wheel spacers are the unsung heroes, the secret sauce that can take your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary.

So as you embark on your quest to find the best wheel spacers for your needs, remember this guide. Remember the role these small yet mighty components play in your vehicle's overall performance. Remember the roar of your Grand Cherokee as it takes on the road, empowered by its newly fitted wheel spacers.

Happy driving, and may your journey be as smooth and thrilling as the open road ahead.

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