9 Best Baseball Gloves to Buy in 2024

best baseball gloves

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Players looking to improve their defensive play need the best baseball gloves to get the job done. That means finding a baseball glove that fits his style of play and is durable enough to withstand the rigors of the long summer season.

Best overall
Wilson A2000 Series
Wilson A2000 Series
Best Value for money
Mizuno MVP Prime
Mizuno MVP Prime
best premium
Wilson A2K
Wilson A2K

But sometimes it’s easier said than done.

Luckily you landed in the right place.

We pride ourselves on knowing the details of every glove we sell.

To help you find the ideal glove, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the sport’s best 2022 baseball gloves. Please note that these gloves are not in any particular order.

Let’s dive in.

Here are our Picks for the Best Baseball Gloves:

Best Baseball Gloves to Buy in 2022

A few days ago, while researching the best boys’ baseball gloves, I realized how difficult and confusing it could be to choose from so many brands and models.

The most common question I encounter is about choosing the right size glove.

See our baseball glove size chart.

I would like to use this article as a one-stop shop for all your baseball glove needs.


Wilson A2000 Series – Best Overall

Best Overall
Wilson A2000 Series
Wilson A2000 Series
Best Overall

Material: Pro stock leather(American steerhide)

Position: Infielder, Outfielder, Pitcher, and Catcher

Break-in: Quicker break-in

Wilson’s A2000 is clearly a very popular baseball/softball glove today. Some people think this is the only best option, but we know the truth is otherwise.

Now let’s move on to its function and structure.

Made from professional-grade leather, it is highly durable and reduces the break-in period. A rolled double welt helps the glove retain its shape over time, and the Dri-Lex wrist liner is breathable and moisture-wicking. It has his 2X lacing on the mesh base, but the lace quality is very disappointing.

Also, it is perfect for those who want a hard and hard glove. It has more slack and softness. Anyone looking for a lightweight, soft baseball glove at a great price should buy this. This is a softer mitt/glove with less padding and is not recommended as a good catcher’s mitt.

  • High-quality leather
  • Reasonable price
  • Softer
  • Easier to Break-In
  • Available for all Positions
  • None

Rawlings HoH R2G – Best Web Gloves

Best Web Gloves
Rawlings HOH R2G
Rawlings HOH R2G
Best Web Gloves

Material: A traditional leather sheath is cut from the top 5% of the bull hide.

Position: Infielder, Outfielder, Pitcher, and Catcher

Break-in: 30-40% factory break-in, 60-70% Player break-in

The heart of the hide glove is made from traditional rolling hide leather cut from the top 5% of rolling hide leather. Deer-tanned cowhide leather and palm lining provide exceptional protection and softer cushioning. With a traditional back and multiple webbing options, the Rawlings HOH is already a very popular glove.

30 years of robbery and his 70% player leaves plenty of time for players to get in the shape they want. Made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials, Rawlings’ exclusive thermoformed wrist liner keeps your hands comfortable in all conditions.

It comes with an index finger pad that is irresistible for finger pad lovers.

  • Decent quality leather
  • 60-70% of players break-in
  • Available for all positions
  • Multiple webbing options
  • None

Rawlings Gamers XLE Series – Best Infield/Pitchers Glove

Best Infield/Pitchers Glove
Rawlings Gamer XLE Series
Rawlings Gamer XLE
Best Infield/Pitchers Glove

Material: Composite

Position: Pitchers, Infielders, and Catchers

Break-in: A bit tough to break-in

The Gamer XLEs break the mold as they provide players with a glove that features a professional-level look, but at more of a bargain price.

The show-stopper with this glove is going to be the Speed Shell backing.

Most of the leather on the backs of these gloves has been removed to make way for this special synthetic material that is designed to be 15% lighter than regular leather.

As well, all of these gloves should be easy to break into for game use.

We think that you’ll find youth and adult players using these out on the diamond this year!

  • Palm padding helps reduce the impact of the baseball getting caught in this area of ​​the glove
  • The soft and durable full-grain leather grip area
  • None

All-Star Pro Elite – Best For Catchers

Best For Catchers
All Star Pro Elite
All-Star Pro Elite
Best For Catchers

Material: Japanese-tanned US steer hides

Position: Catchers

Break in: It takes around a week

Some might argue that the Rolling Pro is better than the All-Star Pro Elite. But for catchers, we think the All-Star Pro Elite is the best catcher’s mitt to beat them all.

The All-Star Pro Elite is tanned from stylish, durable Japanese US Bull leather.

The padding is actually quite good enough to soften the hand when catching pitches. Pre-treated with oil for faster break-in.

Very popular as a catcher’s mitt and deserves the hype.

  • Best Padding
  • Soft and Hard
  • Pre-oiled for Break In
  • Lightweight
  • None

Mizuno MVP Prime – Best Value for money

Best Value for Money
Mizuno MVP Prime
Mizuno MVP Prime
Best Value for Money

Material: Pro stock leather (American steerhide)

Position: Infielder, Outfielder, Pitcher, and Catcher

Break-in: Quicker break-in

As we promised in our introduction, this list includes the best baseball gloves for each.

Soft organic leather is used, and soft cowhide is used for the lining. It has a split bezel and is available in multiple positions with T and H mesh options.

A great option for those with smaller hands or those not in a professional league. Great for high school and softball players.

The craftsmanship isn’t great, and I’m sure you wouldn’t expect that at this price point.

Overall, instead of buying $50-$80 gloves, consider these. They last longer and give you a more professional feel.

  • Cheap Price
  • Faster Break In
  • Can be used for Softball
  • Available for all positions
  • Web options
  • Not that durable
  • Not the best craftsmanship

Wilson A2K Series – Best Premium

Best Premium
Wilson A2K
Wilson A2K Series
Best Premium

Material: Pro Stock leather

Position: Infielder, Outfielder, First base, Pitcher, and Catcher

Break-in: 3 X faster break-in

The A2k is Wilson’s flagship baseball glove and it doesn’t get any better. Of course, the A2K series deserves to be called one of the best baseball gloves that rival nearly every glove on the market.

More than three times the craftsmanship shaping contributes significantly to shorter pause times. Just wait a few days and you’re ready to go.

There are various color options to choose from and different sizes to suit different positions. The hype surrounding the dual-palm construction is true and really helps maximize the stability of the bag. The Dri-Lex wrist liner is made from a soft, wrinkle-resistant, breathable, moisture-wicking material.

There are also some web options available.

We then move on to leather, a pro-lager leather sourced from the top 5% of Wilson hides. Double wrap stitching ensures excellent pocketing and long-lasting shape.

  • Decent quality leather
  • 3x faster Break-in time
  • Available for all positions
  • Good two-palm structure
  • The quality of the laces could have been better

Nokona X2 Elite – Best for every position

Best for every position
Nokona x2 elite
Nokona X2 Elite
Best for every position

Material: Nokona’s proprietary Stampede Steerhide & Kangaroo Leather

Position: Infielder, Outfielder, Pitcher, and Catcher

Break-in: Game-ready shape

The elite Nokona X2 glove, specially made in the USA, has arrived and has attracted many buyers. Suitable for calling the pinnacle of baseball and softball gloves, the youth version is also very popular.

Made from Nokona’s proprietary combination of debossed cowhide, kangaroo leather, and Nolera composite padding system.

The Nokona X2 Elite Field Gloves are perfect for those who prefer a softer, lighter glove. And the gloves are ready to play.

  • Pretty good leather
  • Soft and light
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Game ready
  • Not suitable for hardcore players
  • The price is a bit high

Nokona S-V1 – Best for youth

Best youth basketball glove
s-v1 nokona baseball glove
Nokona S-V1
Best youth basketball glove

Material: AmericanKIP & SuperSoft Leathers

Position: Infield/Outfield

Break-in: Quicker break-in

The 2022 Nokona S-V1 is a great glove for young players looking for the best in the business. Its buffalo leather absorbs quickly and emerges very soft from the cover sheet.

Don’t be put off by the Velcro wrist bandages either.

The fit can be adjusted for kids who want a tighter fit or who are very conscious of how the glove fits their hand.

Either way, the Nokona glove is consistently rated the best among young players, and while it probably costs $150 more than we’re willing to spend, it’s the best youth baseball glove on the market right now.

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Good Quality Leather
  • Baseball and softball
  • The price is a bit high

Marucci Acadia – Best for youth on a budget

Best for youth on a budget
Marucci Acadia
Marucci Acadia
Best for youth on a budget

Material: Cowhide

Position: Catchers, Pitchers, Outfield

Break-in: Quicker break-in

Gone are the days when young baseball players had to buy oversized gloves. Today your young player can settle into one of these Acadia he’s designed to more easily fit a preschool ball player’s little hands.

This glove fits the player’s little hands Not only should it work, but it should be easy to get used to. Cowhide leather is soft and supple, and some may find it ready to use right out of the box.

If you need a glove for a young baseball player, definitely consider Marucci.

  • Designed for youth
  • M-type fit eliminates annoying thumb and pinky straps on the outside of the glove
  • A soft-to-the-touch microfiber lining on top of the wrist and fingers
  • Good Pricing
  • None

How to Choose the Right Baseball Gloves?

Baseball gloves are iconic sports equipment used by athletes young and old. From professional All-Stars to summer Premier League youth, baseball gloves are an important part of the game.

There are many ways to choose the right baseball glove.

Different materials weaves and intended playing positions may influence your choice.

Knowing these factors from the start will help you better understand how to choose the right glove for this season’s game.


Baseball gloves come in a variety of materials, each with a different diamond feel.

  • Synthetic leather closes easily without requiring a “break-in” period. This is a lightweight option suitable for younger players.
  • As players mature and rise in the league, the soft, oiled leather provides an easy break-in and ready-to-play feel.
  • Premium or Pro Series leather is the highest quality option and offers unmatched craftsmanship, durability, and comfort. Once blended, this material will feel more comfortable in your hand.

Fit, Feel, and Style

Choosing the right glove for your specific needs depends on two important factors – your age and your position on the field

But it also depends on your personal preferences. You should follow these simple guidelines:


Choose gloves that fit snugly. Don’t buy gloves that are too big for your hands as it can affect your performance.


Gloves need to be stiff enough to transmit power, but flexible enough to provide control and quick reactions.


Choose the look and color that suits you.

Find the Best Glove for Your Position

To reach your ultimate potential, choose the right baseball glove for your position on the field. Here are some things to look for:

Catchers should use fingerless mitts with thick padding to reduce the pain of the pitcher’s throws.

The claw-like shape helps catch pitches properly.

This particular design also helps provide targets for launchers.

Throwing gloves often feature closed webbing to better conceal the ball. Pitchers’ gloves also tend to be less padded because pitchers don’t have to worry about catching as a primary skill.

The first baseman uses a long, wide glove to scoop a grounder out of the mud. The longer construction also helps first base on field throws from infielders.

A deeper pocket allows you to safely pick up the ball.

The infielder uses his five-finger glove with a flat pocket for quick movement and release. For more information on buying baseball infield gloves.

Outfielders need deeper pockets to catch fly balls. In addition, longer gauntlets help increase the player’s reach and reach.

The best baseball glove for you is the one you are comfortable using. Choose the best mitts for your baseball gear this season with these pro tips.

Conclusion for best baseball gloves

That’s all from our side. We hope this guide helps you find the baseball glove of your dreams.

As promised, we have tried to cover all possible requirements and point out all the great gloves and mittens.

That said, people who want a quality glove that is both tough and stiff buy the Rawlings Pro Preferred series, so personal preference may trump the recommendation.

Alternatively, if you want a softer glove with similar quality but better lining, the Wilson A2k is the way to go.

FAQ's: Best baseball gloves

What should I look for when buying a baseball glove?

Fit: Choose gloves that fit snugly. Don’t buy gloves that are too big for your hands as it can affect your performance.
Feeling: Gloves need to be stiff enough to transmit power, but flexible enough to provide control and quick reactions.
Style: Choose the look and color that suits you.

What is the best material for a baseball glove?

Cowhide performs better and degrades faster, but wears faster than cowhide. This grade is often supplied “pre-oiled” to reduce the break-in period. Cowhide is generally the best all-purpose glove for youth players.

Sample Which leather is best for baseball gloves?

Kip leather is usually the leather of choice among professional players due to its light, durable feel and high quality leather.

How long can a baseball glove last?

Even professional baseball players promise to take care of their gloves to last four seasons or more. Considering how often they use their gloves, that’s impressive. You may only be able to use it for one season because it will crack.

Why do baseball gloves have holes?

With shallow pockets, fielders can easily retrieve the ball and throw it to the base quickly. The webbing is often left open to allow dirt to pass through the glove and prevent an infielder from pulling a handful of dirt out when trying to remove the ball from the glove.

What glove is better Rawlings or Wilson?

Wilson baseball gloves are known for their quality and durability, while Rawlings baseball gloves are more affordable. The difference between the two brands is the material used in the gloves. Wilson uses a higher quality leather than Rawlings, which makes the glove more durable.

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